Your Nutricosmetic

Your Nutricomestic Your Nutricomestic Your Nutricomestic

Enhancing Beauty from Within with Nutricosmetics

Skin is the primary visual indicator of health. As each year passes, there is increasing interest in the skin health market.

A growing body of research shows how Nutricosmetics (skin nutritional supplements) can contribute to healthy skin. While topical creams and cosmetic products can externally affect skin conditions, Nutricosmetics (taken orally) can impact the skin from within. This is called ‘Beauty from Within′.

Kordel’s La Beauté® French Collagen 8000

Changing your lifestyle to improve your skin can be a challenge. Therefore, Kordel′s has formulated a Nutricosmetic to suit your lifestyle.

Kordel′s La Beauté® is a new beauty formula that just might be the secret to perfect skin. This ‘Beauty from Within’ Nutricosmetic contains Peptan collagen 8000mg from France, patented rose petal extract and royal jelly from Japan, and patented amla fruit (Amlamax®) from the USA, all of which help bring out your inner glow.

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