La Beauté® Royal Beauty Drink Benefits

Skin Inner Radiance

Reduces Melanin

Camu camu and West Indian Cherry (Acerola) may help maintain a healthy skin tone by reducing dark or brown spots.

UV Protection

UV light is harmful to the human skin as it causes premature ageing as well as skin cancer. Honeysuckle may help to protect against this harmful UV light.


Wrinkled and dehydrated skin often makes one look duller and older. Kordel’s La Beauté® Royal Beauty Drink may help minimise the visibility of wrinkles and retain water, encouraging skin hydration. It contains active ingredients that could help restore and strengthen the internal structure of the skin. With this, the external conditions of the skin can also be improved.

Improves the Immune System

Royal jelly contains a natural built-in antibiotic factor which stimulates the immune system and fights off infections.

Improves Energy Levels

Royal jelly not only provides the necessary ingredients for skin health and beauty, but it is also able to enhance vitality and stamina, improving overall energy levels.

Enhances Memory and Concentration

The only natural source of pure acetylcholine exists in royal jelly. Optimal levels of acetylcholine in the brain are associated with improved memory and enhanced cognitive function.

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