More Than a Beauty Product

More Than a Beauty Product

Unleash the Glow In You

Since ancient times, royal jelly has been used traditionally to promote long life and fertility and to restore vitality. The legendary royal jelly is a thick, milky and super nutritious liquid created when honey and pollen are combined and refined with specific enzymes within the worker bees. It is then secreted from the hypo pharyngeal and mandibular glands of the young worker bees.

Today, royal jelly is one of the most attractive functional foods, and is a hot commodity in the cosmetic industry where it has been used to promote skin nourishment, regeneration and renewal.

Kordel′s La Beauté® Royal Beauty Drink

Kordel’s La Beauté® Royal Beauty Drink is a proprietary blend of four unique beauty and energising ingredients, i.e. royal jelly 3000mg (contains 2% natural HDA), West Indian Cherry, camu camu and honeysuckle. These ingredients have been proven to not only help slow signs of skin ageing, but also revitalise the body.

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