Skin Inner Radiance

Reduces Wrinkles

The key to looking youthful is wrinkle-free skin. Kordel’s La Beauté® helps minimise all types of wrinkles from forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet, to nasolabial folds and lines on the neck and jaw.

Firms Skin

Kordel’s La Beauté® contains firming ingredients that visibly firm and smoothen the skin’s surface and strengthen internal structure. Skin looks as bouncy as before.

Lightens Pigmentation and Spots

Rose and amla extracts in Kordel’s La Beauté® may reduce brown spots, freckles, uneven skin tone and acne scars.

Reduces Dullness

Kordel’s La Beauté® is formulated with ingredients to enhance radiance and skin tone and reduce dullness.

Enhances Hydration

Kordel’s La Beauté®, with its moisturising and soothing ingredients, is designed to preserve moisture levels in the skin while improving texture and restoring suppleness and tone.

Smoothens Skin Texture

The pampering ingredients in Kordel’s La Beauté® promote skin resilience and smoothness. Skin appears less rough, pores look less obvious and foundation goes on more smoothly.

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